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KinderAngels® Child Engagement Program (CEP)™ engages, exercises and enhances these cognitive skills in every child as they use the program.


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Sensible Screen Time is the way to go in this digital world where gadgets have become inevitable. Reduce your child’s unproductive screen time by engaging them in our program.
Recognizing a child’s cognitive ability at an early age, through our cognitive program, helps to focus on the right cognitive training and hence right growth path.
Learning through images / play way method is not only fun and engaging but also improves visualization & thinking abilities.


Child Engagement Program (CEP)™ Curriculum

6 puzzles with 10 questions available in each session.

20 minutes per session.

Games under Object, Word & Spelling Recognition available after completing 3 puzzles within 20 mins.

One session per week.

30 sessions per year.

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